Top 35 Absolute Work-From-Home Remote Jobs with Equipment Provided


As remote work becomes increasingly popular, one of the key challenges is finding work-from-home jobs that come with the necessary equipment. We’ve compiled a list of 35 legitimate companies offering remote positions with equipment provided, making it easier for you to embark on your work-from-home journey.

Companies Offering Remote Jobs with Equipment

  1. 10up: Specializing in digital consulting, 10up offers remote roles for web engineers, account managers, and designers. They provide a professional development budget for necessary tools. 10up Careers.
  2. Amazon: This e-commerce giant offers a range of remote positions and reportedly provides laptops, headphones, and Ethernet adapters for their remote employees. Amazon Jobs.
  3. Apple: Known for its innovative products, Apple hires at-home advisors, team managers, and area managers, equipping them with an iMac and headphones. Apple Jobs.
  4. Automattic: The company behind WordPress and WooCommerce, Automattic offers various remote positions and supplies a home office setup and a coworking subsidy. Automattic Jobs.
  5. AMEX: American Express hires virtual travel consultants and customer service positions, providing computer equipment and high-speed internet coverage. AMEX Careers.
  6. Back Office Betties: Specializing in virtual legal assistance and remote management roles, they provide computers, monitors, headphones, and a budget for personal development. Back Office Betties Careers.
  7. Buffer: A leading social media management company, Buffer offers remote roles with laptops and up to $200 for computer accessories. Buffer Jobs.
  8. BroadPath: A consulting firm hiring customer service agents and back-office roles, providing most of the necessary equipment. BroadPath Jobs.
  9. Calix: A software company that offers internet reimbursement, office furniture, and ergonomic assessments for remote employees. Calix Careers.
  10. ChartHop: Known for its organizational tools, ChartHop provides home office benefits, healthcare, a 401k, and paid time off. ChartHop Careers.
  1. Chili Piper: A B2B technology startup, Chili Piper hires remote employees and covers any necessary equipment for the job. Chili Piper Careers.
  2. Commercetools: A fully remote company offering a stipend for home office setup. Commercetools Careers.
  3. Continued: Part of the LaCalle Group, this company provides a Mac and an internet stipend for remote employees. Continued Careers.
  4. ConvertKit: An email marketing service, ConvertKit offers a $3,200 subsidy for home office equipment. ConvertKit Careers.
  5. A cloud storage company offering a fully configured MacBook Pro and competitive salary. Careers.
  6. Bold: This company provides a stipend for home office equipment, furniture, and cleaning services. Bold Careers.
  7. GitBook: A web-based document management company offering a stipend for home office setup. GitBook Careers.
  8. Gusto: A payroll company that offers a variety of employee benefits, including a work-from-home stipend. Gusto Careers.
  9. HelpScout: A customer support platform providing laptops and funding for home offices. HelpScout Careers.
  10. Hilton: Known for its hospitality, Hilton offers remote positions with a mini PC and other necessary equipment. Hilton Careers.
  11. InVision: This company hires remote employees across various areas and provides a budget for home offices. InVision Careers.
  12. LPL Financial: Offers remote positions in finance, IT, marketing, etc., with provided computer and accessories. LPL Financial Careers.
  13. Mediavine: An ad management company that offers reimbursement for home offices and other benefits. Mediavine Careers.
  14. MoveOn: A fully remote company offering reimbursement for home office equipment, laptops, and coworking spaces. MoveOn Careers.
  15. Pitchup: Hires remote employees and offers a range of benefits, including IT equipment and a subsidy for home office equipment. Pitchup Careers.
  16. Reddit: A popular social media platform offering a variety of benefits for remote employees. Reddit Careers.
  17. Rev: Hires globally and offers a budget for home office setup in various areas. Rev Careers.
  18. Rubicon: A waste solutions company offering remote work with many benefits, including a home office stipend. Rubicon Careers.
  19. Teleperformance: Provides customer service and hires both in-person and virtual employees. Teleperformance Careers.
  20. Toggl: A time-tracking software company with remote employees in 40 countries, offering a budget to set up a home office. Toggl Careers.
  21. Transcom: Provides customer service for companies, hiring full-time technical support and customer service agents. Transcom Careers.
  22. Verizon: Regularly seeks customer service representatives for work-from-home roles, offering an internet stipend. Verizon Careers.
  23. Whirlpool: A global company offering appliances and remote roles, providing laptops and more. Whirlpool Careers.
  24. World Travel Holdings: A travel agency and cruise company hiring vacation planners and travel consultants. World Travel Holdings Careers.
  25. Zapier: A workflow automation tool hiring globally, providing computer equipment. Zapier Careers.


This comprehensive list showcases companies that not only offer the flexibility of working from home but also ensure that you have the right equipment to do so effectively. When exploring these opportunities, consider all aspects including salary, benefits, and company culture to find the best fit for your professional needs.

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